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What is it?


Quite simply hypnotherapy is achieving a therapeutic or beneficial outcome through the use of hypnosis.  The hypnotic state occurs quite naturally in all of us.  For example we are all familiar with that pleasant “floaty” feeling when we are just waking up.  In this state our mind is more open to suggestion and the trained hypnotherapist can use this deeply relaxed and receptive state to help you muster powerful internal resources to alleviate symptoms and achieve your own personal goals.


What is it good for?


Hypnotherapy is used to tackle a wide range of personal problems.  As you would expect this includes psychological issues such as panic attacks, anxiety and phobia.  However hypnotherapy is also used to tackle many physical problems such as management of pain and skin conditions like Psoriasis.  Unwanted habits such as smoking, unhealthy eating or nail biting can be successfully dealt with.  Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you with improving sporting performance, enabling you to focus on your targets and overcome self-limiting beliefs.


The list given on the Home page is only an indication of the types of issues hypnotherapy can be used for.  Whatever your needs are you can click on the Contact link now and call or email Charles for personal confidential advice.

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